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Submissions/Wikimedia Mobile Panel

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Wikimedia Mobile: What we've learned and where we're headed

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Presentation & Panel Discussion

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Representatives from WMF Mobile Team: Patrick Reilly & Kul Wadhwa

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  • Kul Wadhwa: kwadhwa@wikimedia.org
  • Patrick Reilly: preilly@wikimedia.org
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Wikimedia Foundation

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The panel participants include all of the members at the Wikimedia Foundation that are currently working to better the Wikipedia mobile experience and increase the reach and accessibility of our mobile properties. The purpose of this presentation is to engage with the community around the different approaches we are taking to accomplish this. Including but not limited to: User experience research; Surveys, statistics, and other usage data; Technical Infrastructure; current and future development work; partnerships with providers; X; X; X.
We would like to both pose and answer questions and discuss different approaches, challenges, and solutions that fit the unique nature of our organization and community. The presenters will also share recent and upcoming plans to further increase Wikipedia's reach and presence in the increasingly mobile world.

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Community and Infrastructure

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