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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Understanding Editor Satisfaction and Commitment: First impressions of the Wikipedia Editor Satisfaction Survey
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Manuel Merz
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Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.
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The Wikipedia Editor Satisfaction Survey 2011 gives a detailed view of the German and English Wikipedia editors' satisfaction and commitment. It was conducted in July 2011 by Wikimedia Deutschland in cooperation with the Wikimedia Foundation. The study gives insights into important factors that influence user satisfaction and commitment. Data will be broken down according to a variety of aspects, including user maturity, user activities, and social role within the Wikipedia movement. This differentiated view will allow Wikimedia to strategize about ways to effectively support active users in their different roles within Wikipedia (e.g. support of new users and prevention of contributor burnout) and to further professionalize its communication campaigns. Last not least the community itself can look forward to interesting insights worthy of discussion. This presentation gives a first impression.
Unique features: Authentic sample (e.g. including anonymous editors); focus on active editors (results from 2009 pre-study: only 6% of German Wikipedia's editors that were actually active within 2 days were female.); focus on satisfaction and commitment; differentiated perspective (not part of preliminary results); theory-based with focus on practical relevance
Theoretical background: Based on the tasks that various users perform, a multivariate, empirical typology of active Wikipedia users will be developed. Diagnostic criteria have been adapted from Job Diagnostic Survey (Hackman & Oldham 1976) and Social Cognitive Theory of Internet Uses and Gratifications (LaRose & Eastin 2004). A sample of active editors of DE and EN Wikipedia will be invited to participate in a web-based survey. This allows for motivational benchmarking not only as a comparison between different roles within the community, but also between similar roles in different Wikipedia communities. This way, the strengths and weaknesses of each community can be systematically identified and analyzed.
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