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Wikis Love Leaders!
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Michał Buczyński (Aegis Maelstrom)
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Warsaw School of Economics, Polish Wikipedia and chapter
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Wikis love leaders and leaders love wikis. Wikimedia need leadership and provide great opportunities for organisers, visionaries, mediators and mentors. Volunteer-based projects with limited hierarchies allow to make one's ideas happen amazingly fast. The key requirement is a distinction of leadership from dictatorship and making impact from making noise. Great wikileaders improve Wikimedia on a larger scale because of their hard work, serving as an example, establishing and promoting best practices, effective communication with the others.

In Wikimedia, anyone and everyone can be a leader, with a benefit to the project. More leadership means more insight, creativity, pleasant environment and higher standards. How to develop more leader in you and help your wiki to improve faster? As a long-time Polish Wikipedia sysop and a member of first Polish ArbCom, I will try to serve you some examples: from principles of English Wikipedia's The Cunctator to my personal experience. I am sure we will be able to discuss and share our best practices and I hope I will encourage you to further develop your leadership skills and use them in even broader way.

For part 1 see the slides. Part 2, see the original document by the user Cunctator, avaliable here: en:User:The Cunctator/How to build Wikipedia.

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