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Submissions/Wiki Editing in the High School Classroom

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Wiki Editing in the High School Classroom
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Mina Theofilatou
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Evening High School of Argostoli, Kefalonia, Greece
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I am a teacher of Computer Science and Technology at Secondary Education level, and I have been using Wiki technologies - mainly Greek Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons - as a teaching tool in the Computer lab and classroom. My presentation will be based on a poster titled "Why the High School Student Became a Wikipedia Editor", which is to be presented at a Science Teachers' Conference (Scientix Brussels) in May 2011. Our experience in wiki-editing since 2007 has shown that assiging and guiding high school students in writing articles and uploading multimedia content to wikimedia projects has numerous positive outcomes: the students become active participants in a universe of knowledge which is Wikipedia, and this helps them acquire a love for learning and builds self-esteem. I will also be presenting a guide that I have written in Greek exclusively for students and beginners in Wikipedia editing. The guide is available for download at http://mywikipedia.ellak.gr/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/mywikipedia-tetradio.pdf
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Knowledge and Collaboration
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