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Submissions/InlineEditor: a new editing interface

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

I AM NOT COMING TO WIKIMANIA 2011 AFTER ALL - I'm sorry to those who would've liked to see this presentation. :-(

This is an open submission for Wikimania 2011.

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InlineEditor: a new editing interface

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Jan Paul Posma



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Student at University of Groningen

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The InlineEditor extension provides a new way for all users, both novice and power users, to edit pages conveniently. It is the result of research started in the summer of 2010, which includes usability research. Because of the modular design of this extension, it is possible for developers to easily add functionality. It can be extended to help users do specific tasks, such as editing references or template calls. It can also be extended by adding clickable elements, such as editing categories, tables, or individual sentences.

There are several extensions and gadgets out there that could be integrated with InlineEditor. It is important to know the design ideas behind this extension when integrating such extensions with InlineEditor. Developers who want to experiment with editing interfaces can also use InlineEditor as a platform to rapidly prototype new ideas, and to have them rolled out quickly.

In this presentation we will look at this new interface; how usability research has heavily influenced its design; why it isn't available for use yet; how the new parser design that is in the works will really unlock its potential; how developers can really improve this interface by building on top; and we will briefly look at the pros and cons of using such an interface as the default for new users.


Wiki Infrastructure and Technology

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