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Projects in languages with singular status [1]

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Alina Mierluș / Marc Miquel

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E-mail: contact [at] alinamierlus [dot] com Twitter: @alina_mierlus

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Amical Viquipèdia Mozilla Community

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This workshop will be the continuation of the 20 March 2011 kick off meeting held in Perpinyà by the teamwork of projects in languages with singular status.

There are several topics that will be reviewed:

  • Strategies to improve social prestige of those languages.
  • Specific editor motivations and methods to attract them.
  • Technological tools. Free machine translators integrated in Wikipedia, data from statistical sources, specific mediawiki needs for these languages…
  • Strategic plans to develop Wikipedia and sister projects in those languages.
  • Associations to help promoting projects in those languages.
  • Languages without neither Wikipedia nor sister projects yet. How to attract them?

Attendants will present briefly their progresses from last meeting.

Then there will be an open discussion and comments about experiences and practices from each attendant.

Later several working groups will be formed to address the following topics:

  • Coordination in meta. Next steps. How to address multilingualism in this coordination.
  • Development of technological tools of special interest for these languages. Priorities, join development, funding.
  • Associations in real world. Their profile, characteristics, mission and structure.
  • Cooperation with other entities around free knowledge and free software movement in those languages.

Finally altogether will held a common review of the conclusions and final discussion resulting in a document about next steps for the teamwork.

The workshop will be organized in advance with materials from interested people but there will be a degree of flexibility to self organize and address new topics that may emerge.

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People and Community

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  1. "Singular status" has a level of ambiguity on purpose. The idea is that everybody who feels that his language projects are not developed enough because of social, economic, politic or demographic reasons similar to those other languages suffer they can join and participate in the workshop
  2. Don't tell anybody but if not accepted we will hold the workshop in the bar

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