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Accessibility and Wikipedia : Challenges & Case studies from India

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Wikimedia Accessibility Initiative (WAI) [1] & most of the accessibility initiatives within wikipedia[2]/mediawiki[3] are focused on the issues of physically disabled people [4]. Accessibility in principle is the access to knowledge available for a person, in his/her level of reasoning, without limited by physical challenges. In a developing country's context , levels of disability are not limited to physical disabilities. There are other levels of accessibility issues that will exclude a large part of the populace - illiteracy, absence of English knowledge, availability of local language interfaces and language technology to name a few.

These concerns get more complex when we consider the accessibility issues of Indian language wikipedias. Approximately 6% of the Indian population has a disability. An additional 34% of the population is illiterate[5] and an additional 77 million are elderly[6].

This presentation is an effort to map various levels of issues in accessing Wikimedia projects, through various use cases and case studies. The presentation also highlights the various accessibility initiatives and ecosystems in Indian states that addresses such issues, and will share some success stories . We hope this presentation can contribute towards the building of a more inclusive accessibility policy for Wikipedia

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Wiki Culture and the Community

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No. We can present this session only if We get scholarship.

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  1. Wikimedia Accessibility Initiative: [1]
  2. Wikipedia:Manual of Style (accessibility) [2]
  3. MediaWiki accessibility [3]
  4. Blind wikia: Mediawiki and Accessibility [4]
  5. 2001 Census Statistics [5]
  6. Family Support and Care for the Elderly: Evidences from India [6]

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