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Wikimania Logo
Wikimania Logo


维基媒体国际会议Wikimania)是维基人一年一度的全球盛事,致力于协调世界各地的维基计划,其中包括维基百科,维基文库,维基教科书,维基新闻,维基共享资源,维基物种,维基词典,维基百科和MediaWiki。会议主要是为编辑人员,用户和开发人员提供聚会的机遇,以便能互相交流,畅叙心得。 这次会议会对公众开放,任何对维基计划有兴趣的人,如教育工作者、研究人员、程序员和自由文化迷均可参与,以便能更进一步地了解维基计划。 第七届年会的举办时间是2011年8月4日到7日,地点为位于以色列海法市的海法礼堂(Haifa Auditorium Complex)。欲了解更进一步的信息,请访问2011年会官方网站

Wikimania 2011 will be a mix of submitted presentations, panels and workshops, open space meetings and lightning talks. Submissions will be reviewed and selected in advance by the program committee. Everyone is welcome to present in the open space track of the conference, regardless of whether they were accepted by the program committee.


  • 2011年4月30日是研讨会,小组讨论和演讲的申请截止日期,
  • '2011年7月15日‘您将会收到回复。
  • 欢迎.




The effects of wiki culture on the community - a forum for discussing topics related to the cultural, communal, societal and demographic aspects of wiki culture and its interaction with the general public. Relevant topics include the following:

  • Wiki Outreach: Promotion of wikis and Wikimedia projects among the general public;
  • How will the wiki technology change the world in the future?
  • Wiki Community: Conflict resolution and community dynamics; reputation and identity;
  • Different Wiki cultures - clashes and effect between cultures in the wiki community - Can people of different cultural backgrounds create an encyclopedia according to common rules? Same subject in the eye of different cultures;
  • Special: Wikipedia in the Israeli-Arab Conflict - can wikis be a tool for promoting cultural understanding and cultural acceptance in the Middle East; Wiki as a tool for cross-national and cross-cultural dialogue.


The Knowledge and Collaboration track aims to promote research and find exciting ideas related to knowledge and information management, as well as to collaboration and participatory projects.

  • Wiki Content: New ways to improve content quality, credibility; and especially the use of the content in education, journalism, research;
  • Semantic Wikis: The use of semantic web technologies, linked data; semantic annotation and metadata (in particular manual vs. automated approaches);
  • Wikiversity and other wikis related to higher education: investigating ways of how wiki sources are deployed and implemented in academia and research practice, exchanging ideas for the improvement of collaboration in research institutions, universities and their contribution for the content quality;
  • Wiki technology as an educational tool in school systems;
  • Wiki as a tool for museums - management of information for the public benefit;
  • Wiki technology as a tool of cultural preservation.


The Infrastructure and technology track at Wikimania will provide a forum where both researchers and practitioners can share new approaches, applications and technologies, and explore how to make Wiki access ever more ubiquitous:

  • MediaWiki development: issues related to MediaWiki development and extensions;
  • Moving beyond MediaWiki: what other Wiki-like platforms exist; what tools and features do we need for collaboration on different types of knowledge?
  • Mobile Wikis: The Web is moving off the desktop and into mobile phones, how we use wikis on mobile devices?; wiki-based Augmented Reality (AR) applications, location based services
  • User Interface Design: Usability and user experience; accessibility, adaptive interfaces and personalization; novel UI designs.


Wiki technologies may be operated in the multinational Level and various legal systems may apply to its usage. These legal systems may clash and contradict each other resulting in limits that are placed on the gathering of free knowledge within wiki systems and technologies. This track will explore these questions and suggest solutions:

  • Copyright laws and wiki: conflicts between different laws that apply to the same wiki system simultaneously
  • Copyright licenses, their applicability and their problems
  • Legal problems in wiki practice: slander, anti defamation laws, right to privacy, biographies of living persons.


Wiki technology may be used also as a tool in the corporate and media sector. This track will discuss uses of wiki technology as a business and commercial tool.

  • Wiki systems as a news media channel
  • Wiki systems as a corporate tool
  • Wiki systems as a commercial tool: knowledge gathering and sharing in commercial bodies, and as a tool for commercial outreach.


Authors are invited to submit workshop, seminar, tutorial, panel, and presentation proposals.

To submit a proposal, see below.

By submitting a proposal, you agree that the text of your proposal, your presentation slides, and any video recordings can be distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License, or a compatible license. You also agree that, under the terms of the license, recordings of your presentation may be broadcast live, recorded, and made available for download later. If you object to these requirements (for instance, if you would prefer not to be taped), please talk to a program committee member before submitting a proposal.

You will be notified through your contact information about the program committee's decision regarding your submission.

If your submission is not added to the preliminary schedule, please do not be discouraged: Wikimania 2011 will have time set aside in the schedule for participants and attendees to be in lightning talks and to form unofficial, self-organized talks and working groups. You will have many opportunities to bring topics forward on-site.

Replace the text "[Your proposal title]" in the box below with the title of your proposal, and click "Create page". You will be directed to a self-explanatory wiki page, which you will have to save to complete your submission.

If you need help with the submission process, please contact the Program Committee.

See the list of Wikimania 2011 submissions.