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Local information/Where to Eat?

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel
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Italian fast food in the Carmel Centre
At a café, across from the venue

Most restaurants in Haifa are open on Saturday, as they are not kosher (unlike some other cities in Israel). Below are several suggestions for dining (by location). See also: Vegetarians.

The Carmel Center

Restaurants within walking distance of the venue:

  • Name: Voilà
Type: Chef/Swiss
Location: 6 David Pinsky St. Tel: (972-4)-8378666
A Clasical Swiss restaurant located at the Carmel Centre. It is minutes walk from Dan Panorama, Nof, Dan Garden and Crown Plaza hotels, and is 5 minutes walk from the venue. Good value for money, though it is not cheap.
  • Name: Agadir
Type: Burger-Bar (vegetarian, too)
Location: 119 Sderot Hanassi Tel: (972-4)-8370737
The restaurant is located 5 minutes walk from the venue.

Recommended Cafés

  • Name:Greg
Location: 3 Derech Hayam Ave, The corner of Derech Hayam and Hanassi Ave., minutes from the venue
Tel: (972-4)-8371670
  • Name:Mandarin
Location: 129 HaNassi Ave., minutes away from the venue
Tel: (972-57)-9441047
  • Name:Arcaffe
Location: 139 HaNassi Ave., across the street from the venue
Tel: (972-4)-8360029

The Port Area

From the venue or hotels, this area may be reached by the Carmelit (exit on the last station - the Kikar Paris station), or by taxi.

  • Name: HaNamal 24
Type: French/Italian High end Cuisine
Location: 24 HaNamal St. Tel: (972-4)-8628899
A high end Italian/French chef restaurant. It is best to book in advance. The restaurant has a look of an Italian Piazza, surrounded by may small rooms decorated in Tuscan style. Considered one of the best restaurants in Haifa, if not the best. A three course meal without wine would cost about 150-200 shekels per person.
  • Name: Ma-Ayan HaBira
Type: Eastern European pub and restaurant
Location: 4 Natanzon St. (walking distance from the Haifa Merkaz railway station) Tel: (972-4)-8623193
Opening hours: Sunday – Friday 9:00AM - 17:00PM, Tuesday till 24:00
This restaurant pub specializes in eastern European food. Every Tuesday, the whole street closes, and a band plays for the guests who sit in the middle of the street.

The German Colony

  • Name: Fatush
Type: Arabic/Italian
Location: 38 Ben Gurion Blvd, The German Colony. Tel: (972-4)-8524930
The restaurant is located in a restored building at the heart of the German colony. It is a symbol of coexistence - being a popular restaurant for all religions and ethnicities in Haifa. The menu has Arabic fair as well as Italian cuisine. Good value for money.
The restaurant is minutes walk away from the Colony Hotel, and has a view of the Bahai Gardens.
  • Name: Mother Nabila
Type: Lebanese
Location: 1 Tel Aviv St, The German Colony. Tel: (972-4)-8521792
Houres: Sunday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 16:00 PM
The restaurant is located minutes walk west of the Northern end of Ben Gurion Blvd.
Since 1978, the restaurant serves home made simple and excellent Lebanese food, prepared from fresh produce every morning- and the diners choose the food at the counter from large trays showing the dishes of the day. The food changes daily, and when it runs out in the late noon hours, the restaurant closes for the day. Open for lunches only.
Great value for money.
The restaurant is minutes walk away from the Colony Hotel.