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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Offline Volunteers
Username Name Languages Areas of interest
Του Δημήτρη Timur Ar-N, Ru-N, En-5, Uk-3, Fr-2 Willing to help out with basically everything
Charles Jeffrey Danoff Charles En-N, Fr-1, Ja-1, Zh-1 Willing to help out with basically everything
reuvenk Reuven En-N, He-5, Fr-2 Willing to help out with basically everything. Please contact me via email. Shomer Shabbat
VasilievVV Victor Vasiliev Ru-N, En-4 Willing to help with everything, especially with registration stuff and late night activities.
w:ja:User:Tomo_suzuki ja-N, en-3, ko-1 Willing to perform any duties. Please contact me via email or user talk page here
Bluegoblin7 Jack Gordon en-N, simple-5, es-1, fr-1, de-1 Willing to help with anything and everything throughout the Conference
Da voli Vassily K. Ru-N, En-3, Es-1 Eager to help attendees, copy materials, run registration, serve refreshment, communicate with the Baha'i World Centre, and any other assistance.
ליאור Lior G. He-N, En-4, Pt-1, Fr-1, Ar-1 מוכן לעזור בכל דבר שאינו כרוך בחילול שבת. מוכן ללון בשבת במלון סמוך עם חברתי, על חשבוננו, רק תסבירו לי איך להזמין לי חדר בלי להתחייב בתשלום גם על הכנס. תודה
emnic80 Emma En-N, He-3 General duties
Ronen Ronen En-3, He-N General duties. Lives in Haifa. Will be around for most of the conference, before and after.
Dalaz777 Dor He-N, En-4, Ro-2 General duties. living nearby and will be available during the entire conference.
User:איתמר ק. Itamar Hebrew, English Whatever needed
User:AvivSharon Aviv Sharon En-N, He-N Whatever needed, especially press relations and social media.
Discott Douglas Scott En-N, Zh-2, Af-1 (English-native, Chinese-intermediate, Afrikaans-basic) General duties. Will be staying in the dorms so my time my be limited by the shuttle buses.
andyasb Andrew Barr English -native, Spanish-advanced, Portuguese-intermediate I am able to help out with anything. Probably best suited for moving things and directing people.