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Interlanguage links in Wikipedia:
current problems and future development
Use #wikipedia-interwiki at freenode to communicate

Interlanguage links are metadata,
these data belong to Wikipedia in all languages,
not just to wiki which hosts a particular article.

What to do:

  1. Extend and refine the structure
  2. Make some use of semantics
  3. Decrease the entropy

Also, some technical and organizational problems have to be solved.

Extending and refining the structure


link just to an article.

# link to a section.

x link through a redirect to something

There are different redirects:

a redirect with possibility
Links through such redirects should even be encouraged.


Interwiki to redirect simple.svg
... or ...

w:Template:section-links Interwiki to redirect section.svg

Make use of the semantics

Define several types of articles (not exhaustively).
May occur without
a proper structure

article about a person ~ article about an astronomical object
article about a film ~ §

Must be:

article about a chemical compound ~ article about a chemical compound   CAS: nnnnn
article about a species ~ article about a species   fouentium blahiensis
article about an astronomical object ~ article about an astronomical object
article about a person ~ article about a person   ? born: 1973/12/06...
article about a film ~ article about a film   IMDB: nnnnn

Use some easily extractable attributes as keys.

Decreasing the entropy

Enough said already about this. But central database should use semantics and extended features.





No table for inbound links.

Poor traceability (particularly



Thanks for your attention!