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Template:Other languages

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel


This template is a meta-template, in the sense that it is supposed to be used only in other templates, and not directly on content pages themselves.

The template should be used in this way. For each page that should be translated, create the page [[Template:Other languages/PAGENAME]], where PAGENAME is the base pagename. For the Main Page, this is simply Main Page. Simple as that.

When you are editing that page, add the following:
{{Other languages|''LANGUAGE CODES''|page=''PAGENAME''}}

For example, if the page Venue has translations in Arabic, English (probably original), Basque, Southern Sami and Traditional Chinese, then add the following:
{{Other languages|ar|en|eu|sma|zh-hant|page=Venue}}

The template can take up to 35 different languages (with absolutely no limitation as to which languages that would be); if there would be need for more, adding more is easy. Just report it to Template talk:Other languages.

On other notes, this template categorizes templates in Category:Other languages templates, and pages in their respective language categories; for Arabic pages, it will categorize them to Category:العربية, and for Norwegian (Bokmål) pages it will categorize them to Category:Norsk (bokmål).