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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

Welcome! To include your data, add this text at the bottom of the page. You can copy paste and edit it replacing italic text with data you want to add :
| your user name
| Name (if you like to)
| languages you speak (in case someone want to contact you)
| what you want to do

Note: replace only italic text with your own data

Online Volunteers
Username Name Languages Areas of interest
Nemo Nemo it-N, en-2 categorization, wiki structure, slides upload and so on
Microchip08 en-N; fr-2; de-1
Cbrown1023 talk Casey Brown en-N, es-2 translation, general wiki stuff, etc.
Az1568 Alex Zariv en-N translation, general wiki/admin/import stuff, etc.
Drbug Vladimir V. Medeyko ru-N, en-3 translation, etc.
Marinna es, en translation, etc.
Church of emacs Tobias de-N, en-3, fr-1 general wiki stuff, templates, recent changes patrol
Castelobranco CasteloBranco pt-N, en-3, eo-3 Translation
Friedel Völker Friedel de-N, en-2 wiki gardening, translation
Hindustanilanguage hi-N, en-4, ur-N Translation, general stuff, et cetera.
Mel 23 es-N, en-4 Translation and general wiki stuff.
w:ja:User:Tomo_suzuki ja-N, en-3, ko-1 translation, etc.
Emperyan tr-N Translation
MontseBL it-N Translation
Diaoha George ru-N, ka-N, en, de Translation and general wiki stuff.
Nightshade43 Lucas Spanish (n), English (Upper-intermediate, maybe a little higher) Translation and wiki stuff in general, as far as I am capable to perform.
Vibhijain Vaibhav Jain hi-N, en-3, sa-3 Recent changes Patroller and General Stuff
Seb35 Sébastien fr-N, en-3, de-2, fi-1 General wiki stuff, perhaps fr translations
Jamietw en-N, fr-2, de-1 General wiki stuff particualarly checking for vandalism.