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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel
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possible agenda

Some details for individual agenda items:

Current events from a MR perspective
  1. Recent Chapter and regional work
  2. Recent Foundation work
  3. Recent conflicts, within and among movement groups
  4. Recent requests for help unanswered for lack of role clarity
Major targets and results
  1. Movement charter and discussions
  2. AffCom and recognizing new models
  3. Standards for movement bodies
  4. Dispute and mediation solutions
  5. Peer review and mentoring solutions
  6. Frameworks for planning and resource allocation
Sharing and acting on recommendations
  1. Recs to the WMF
  2. Recs to chapters
  3. Recs to the movement and community
Remaining work
  1. Unfinished tough topics
  2. Follow-through on recommendations
  3. Proposal for non-organizational movement roles
  4. Triage: report, handling similar strategic work in the future


From the roles matrix

  • strategic and orgal development
  • allocating resources
  • content quality
  • outreach, increase participaiton
  • editing community support
  • project atmosphere/community health
  • events, meetups, conferences
  • volunteer skill-building
  • reader relations
  • PR and press
  • legal issues
  • fundraising
  • use of trademarks/brand
  • advocacy and lobbying
  • partnerships, institutional
  • partnerships, business
  • innovation and research development
  • tech infrastructure
  • software dev
  • language/translation efforts

Organizational roles

  • defining & updating shared standards for the movement
  • reporting and transparency, adherence of each group to its own standards
  • supporting wikimedia projects
  • supporting underrepresented groups and languages
  • outreach, press, and events
  • branding, messaging, brand partnerships
  • institutional & content partnerships
  • advocacy, political and social
  • identifying great projects (technical and collaborative)
  • allocating resources, sharing financial data
  • oversight and review of {any of, some of} the above
  • providing equal access to participants in many languages
  • supporting organizational development
  • strategic planning and execution [related to the above]
  • ...

Community roles

These were not touched on in Movement Roles discussions to date, but are worth spinning off a separate discussion, with related targets. We will discuss how this might happen.

  • content creation and development
  • review and quality assessment, dealing with cranks and poor information
  • handling vandals and spammers
  • community health, growth and sustainability
  • large-scale decision-making for cross-project issues
  • issues of notability and scope
  • assessing new Project ideas, and large-scale scope and vision
  • providing translation frameworks and services
  • strategic planning [related to the above, and generally]
  • ...