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Teaching the Humanities in a Wiki Environment

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Dr. Ory Amitay – University of Haifa

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University of Haifa

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The talk I propose to give in the 2011 international Wikipedia-Academy conference is a direct continuation of one given in the local 2010 session, dealing with my experience in teaching the Humanities in a Wiki environment. In the autumn of 2010 I started an experiment, intended to explore the possibilities of using Wiki for instruction and research. In last year’s conference I surveyed the experiences of my first year using Wiki. This year, I should like to present the results of the experiment at the end of the second year and my future plans, as follows: • Wiki has turned out to be an extremely useful tool in organizing research material, handling course syllabi and writing assignments, and in combining research and teaching. In all these regards Wiki has allowed my to overcome difficulties which have plagued me since the beginning of my career as an academic. It has also increased considerably the extent and quality of student participation in and contribution to both study and research. • The use of Wiki in the faculty of Humanities at Haifa has caused a considerable stir, drawing support and encouragement from the dean, and attracting a number of other faculty members who have started using Wiki for various purposes. • A project is now underway to initiate a working relationship between the Faculty of Humanities and Hebrew Wikipedia, with the purpose of improving under-developed areas of knowledge and bringing as many entries as possible to an acceptable academic level.

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Wiki Academy

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