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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Pikiwiki, Free Image Collection of Israel – Convergence between Cultural Value, Usability and Copyrights
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Hedva Sanderovitz ISOC-IL (Israeli Internet Society)
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ISOC-IL (Israeli Internet Society)
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About Pikiwiki

Pikiwiki is a large collection of digital-format, good quality photographs, documenting events relating to the history of Israel, or depicting places of distinction around the country. The images are being uploaded and documented by private people and organizations (such as museums, archives and educational institutes). They are open for free use, subject to Public Domain or CC-BY licenses. Pikiwiki is a joint venture of  the Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL),  the Israeli Wikimedia chapter  and the Center for Educational Technology (CET) as part of promoting the concept of free content on the Web. The database includes a categorization system, and the public is free to contribute new images, and browse or copy any of the images stored within. From a practical point of view, the project answers to  the needs of students, scholars, researchers, writers, artists, tourists or any person who might need a photograph of a historical event or a place of interest in Israel, be it for use in a piece of art, a book, a poster, an advertisement or any other legitimate use. As a declarative tool, this project is intended to raise awareness to issues concerning copyright, its logic and application, and in many cases, to relinquish it in favor of the public, fully or in part. Pikiwiki’s photographs and documentation are stored in Wikimedia Common servers and are presented in both Pikiwiki and Wikimedia websites. Pikiwiki’s Main Goals: To create and maintain a valuable collection of images relating to Israel. To present this collection for wide public use, free of charge, under the CC-BY licenses. To build a user friendly environment for uploading the content as well as for search and retrieval. The Challenge:

Pikiwiki faces a challenge in meeting its somewhat contradicting goals, while increasing its popularity and recognition as a valuable collection of digital media.

The Dilemmas: Quality of content vs. popularity Ease of use (especially simple uploading procedure ) vs. need for detailed documentation Hebrew documentation vs. international accessibility Usability vs. Wikimedia Commons regulations Source of content – organizations vs. private people How to encourage organizations to contribute their content for common use.

               We shall present these dilemmas in detail and explain how Pikiwiki team deals with these dilemmas.

Concluding Note: Pikiwiki is an evolving lively project converging different needs and goals and presenting valuable free digital content to public and professional users.

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Wiki and Education - Wiki in Knowledge Collaboration
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