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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Movement roles and responsibilities

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Samuel Klein (Sj)

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This presentation will review the current state of the Movement Roles work that has been taking place on Meta, developing a charter to capture the shared goals and responsibilities of the movement, along with recommendations to the Wikimedia Foundation, to Chapters, and to other movement entities.

We will organize three separate groups in this workshop:

Improving roles of the WMF
process for supporting good projects (encouraging innovation)
guidelines for Committee work (delegation and transparency)
working well with partners (supporting our entire ecosystem)
Improving roles of Chapter and other movement affiliates
recognizing other Affiliate groups
transparency and accountability for Chapters and other entities
Improving community roles
identifying good projects, assessment
encouraging innovation, and projects that could use help
identifying worthy new Projects and expanding the movement's content scope

In the end, results will be presented to the whole group and merged with the recommendations on Meta.

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People and Community

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