Submissions/Integrating Wikis in Pre-service Education: Teacher-educators’ Perspective

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Integrating Wikis in Pre-service Education: Teacher-educators’ Perspective

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  • Dr. Yehuda Peled - Ohalo Collage of Education, Western Galilee Collages and MOFET research institute
  • Olzan Goldstein - Kaye Collage of Education
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  • Ohalo Collage of Education, Western Galilee Collages and MOFET research institute
  • Kaye Collage of Education
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The various aspects of using wikis in teaching by faculty members in Israeli ‎teacher-education colleges were examined through a multiple-case design approach. The ‎report focuses on characteristics of teaching with wikis: aims; course types; teaching ‎methods; evaluation; content structure; characteristics of students collaborative learning and ‎outcomes; involvement of faculty in the learning process; students' and teachers’ workload; ‎teachers' insights about wikis’ impact on learning. Data was collected through semi-‎structured interviews with eleven teacher educators from six colleges of education, with ‎analysis of the courses' wiki sites. Content-analysis techniques were used to examine the ‎resulting transcript of the interviews. It was found that using wikis in teaching is complex ‎and has its advantages and disadvantages. The research findings indicate that integrating ‎wikis into the teaching pedagogy improves the quality of teaching and strengthens ‎meaningful learning. It is important to expose student teachers to meaningful uses of wikis ‎for educational purposes, thus providing them with successful models for their teaching ‎practices.

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