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Submissions/Global Distribution of Wikipedia Edits and Reads

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Global Distribution of Wikipedia Edits and Reads
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Erik Zachte
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ezachte at wikimedia.org
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Data Analyst at the Wikimedia Foundation
Personal homepage or blog
http://infodisiac.com/blog , http://stats.wikimedia.org
Abstract (please use no less than 300 words to describe your proposal)
Wikimedia's mission to embrace the whole world is far from complete, both in terms of reach and of participation. New Wikistats functionality aims to improve our understanding of global activity patterns in a decidely visual way. A new web tool will provide an interactive animation (using new html5 technology) plus maps (bubble and heat maps) which visualize edits per Wikipedia language, distributed over time and place. I will demo the animation, show some of the maps (Aug 1: new maps added) and comment on what we can learn from these. Feedback on what other uses we might find for the software will be highly appreciated.
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People and Community
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