Getting to the Venue from Crown Plaza Hotel – Photographic Guide

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

Crown Plaza Hotel (Holiday Inn) is located at 111 Yaffe-Nof Street.

Option 1

Walk North (right) from the hotel 55 meters until you reach the Panorama Tower.

Turn left, walk 20 meters along Shaar Halevanon Street until you reach HaNassi Ave.

Cross the street and walk south (left) about 200 meters (crossing the intersection with Derech Hayam on the way). Continue along Hanassy Ave. Walk an additional 50 meters - The venue will be in front of you.

Option 2

Walk south (left) from the hotel 55 meters until you reach Wedgwood Street (do not turn down mountain (left) to Kish Street but rather up mountain (right).

Walk West along Wedgwood St. (300 meters) until reaching HaNassi Ave. The Venue will be across the street from you