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Currency in Israel

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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destination: Currency in Israel
One Shekel coin

The Israeli currency is the New Israeli shekel.

  • Hebrew name is שקל חדש - Shekel Ḥadash
  • Currency sign:
  • Hebrew acronym: ש"ח
  • ISO 4217 code: ILS
  • The acronym NIS is also frequently used
  • Other spellings: sheqel; pl. shekalim pronounced shkalim - שקלים;
  • Arabic: شيقل جديد, shiqel jadid or شيكل جديد shikel jadid

The shekel is divided into 100 agorot (אגורות) (sing. agora, Hebrew: אגורה).


Note: the 1 Agora and 5 Agorot coins are no longer in use.

Bank Notes

Exchange Rates

Note: The rates used at the exchange offices or in banks are always lower than the official one.

How much money should I change to local currency?

Depending on your travel plans and how long you will stay, a cheap meal can cost about 20 shekels for quick street food (such as falafel and a drink), 40 - 70 shekels for a full lunch or 60 - 100 shekels (dinner). Please note that most meals during the conference will be provided by the conference. Train from the airport to Haifa costs about 30 shekels and can be paid by credit card, and taxi to the venue from the train station will cost about 40 shekels. Public transport inside cities costs less then 10 shekels. Therefore, to reach the venue or hotel, about 150 shekels is sufficient (including a meal on the way). We recommend changing no more than $100 (about 370 NIS) for the entire conference and hacking days if coming solely for those (and not coming to additional vacation time).

It is also recommended to change as little money as possible in the airport. Change booths in the cities usually have better rates. There is one near the venue and one between Jaffa road, Nathanson street and Khayat street (add more!).

If you need some cash from your credit card, ATM issuing cash from a credit card exists at the venue, and six other ATM's are located in the Carmel Center (within 5 - 10 minutes walk from the venue).